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Showboat of Lyons Theater – Lake Geneva, WI


***PROPERTY SOLD*** This theater was built in 1999 and includes 30,474 square feet. It contains 6 digital screens and 1,235 seats. Sale price includes all trade fixtures associated with the Showboat of Lyons theater business operation. Existing layout provides ample space for a complimentary use such as a pizzeria or pub & grill. Current layout also includes a mezzanine bar. The existing improvement is situated on a 29.57 acre parcel which allows room for expansion. Site improvements include over 400 parking stalls, indicating 0.35 stalls/seat.

Property is located in a thriving resort community and tourist destination. It is situated immediately northeast of a US Highway 12 interchange and major commercial node. The property fronts on State Highway 120, which includes a median cut to allow southbound traffic access to the property. This highway includes an average daily traffic count of 9,200 vehicles.

Property Features